Cheekie Early Learning Series Addition and Subtraction Jumbo Workbook

The Addition and Subtraction workbook lets your child develop basic math skills before they begin school. It offers a fun way to provide your child the guidance they need to get started on the path to math success today. The Cheekie Early Learning Series are fun, stimulating, and educational for children aged 3-7 years old.

Many children have trouble with math, but your child doesn't have to be one of them. This book gives them the rock solid math foundation they need and help develop a number of skills including those associated with early numeracy as well as basic additional and subtraction skills..




Cheekie Early Learning Series Addition and Subtraction Workbook

"I have used a number of your pages in play therapy and early learning group sessions with the young children I consult to. I am impressed by the inspiring clarity and vitality of the images and the way they consistently engage young people."

C. Clarke Educational Psychologist

"I was amazed, my 3 year old and 5 year old kept asking for more coloring pages. They had so much fun coloring the pictures and were eager to show me their work; I couldn't't believe that it was possible to stimulate both of them with the same materials but each of them enjoyed doing worksheets at their own level."

Max M. Canada

Most workbooks I buy are scribbled over the day after I buy them and then they are basically useless. My five year old has dozens of favorite pages COLORMY Workbook many of which he has colored several times.  There is one particular worksheet which I have printed for him 4 times already and he still loves coloring it.

C.W, Australia